Philadelphia has a surprisingly few options for fresh baked bagels.  Ask a Philadelphian where to find the best bagel in town and most of the responses will be the same.  Is that because there is one bagel shop making a superior bagel with which no other can contend?  Not yet...

Philly-Style Bagels brings you a bagel like you have never tasted before. Crunchy on the outside, yet soft and light on the inside, with an unparalleled malty sweetness, our innovative process bends the rules of established styles of bagel making. 

Inspired by tradition, our bagels are made like they were back in the day... slow fermented in small batches, hand rolled, and boiled before baking.  Inspired by America's Best Beer Drinking City, they are boiling in a mixture of beer and water.  After generously covering them in seeds, we bake them in a pizza oven.  The results are so unique we had to give them a new name - Philly Style Bagels.

When in pursuit of a great bagel or a great coffee, we are often forced to settle for one or the other.  Why should we have to choose?    We aim to make the dream of having both a quality bagel and a quality cup of coffee in the same place a reality.  

Through a series of pop-ups at Pizzeria Beddia, we are also looking to do the following: 

  • spread the word

  • demonstrate the concept to potential investors

  • raise money for initial capital investment

  • make awesome bagels

Tell a Philadelphian that a new bagel shop is opening up in their neighborhood and their eyes light up in a way you have to witness in person to understand.  Come out to one of our pop-ups, and you'll see why!